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Direct Consierge Membership

  • Best Value

    Annual Billing

    Every year
    Save $500 with annual billing
  • Semiannual Billing

    Every 6 months
    Save $100 with semiannual billing.
  • Quarterly Billing

    Every 3 months


  • UNLIMITED consultations

  • DIRECT SMS ACCESS to your doctor (reasonable response times)

  • INCLUDED: Comprehensive blood panel (46 screening biomarkers)

  • INCLUDED: In-depth Epigenetic Analysis and Longevity Monitoring (requires at least 6 months of membership)

  • INCLUDED: Genetic SNP testing (requires at least 6 months of membership)

  • Access to additional labs at cost

  • Access to patient portal with appointment scheduling, lab results, and past encounter notes

  • Prescriptions Management

  • GET OFF MEDS: safe strategy for total prescription load reduction

  • Supplement Counseling

  • WHOLESALE PRICE for thousands of supplements

  • Personalized Nutrition Counseling

  • Personalized Weight Management Counseling

  • Personal Fitness Coaching with a Certified Fitness Trainer

  • Access to Volt Fitness Professional Training Mobile App

  • Insurance reimbursement assistance

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